Thursday, February 14, 2008

O-R-G-Y spells teamwork

Damn we were good last night. Our team steam rolled through the competition en route to what I like to call the easiest $50 bar tab in the city.

But the final question was a tough one. Worse yet, it was multiple guess. We had every question correct going into the finals. One question that you can wager anywhere between 0-15 points on. We had a 10 point lead. Either one of two teams could get lucky and win. Yes, I say get lucky because this crowd did not know the answer. The questions was "Who appeared in the first vice presidential debate?" There were four choices. We were able to eliminate of them right away. We got it wrong because we didn't know Bob Dole was Gerald Ford's running mate.

Thankfully no one else guessed it correctly and we took it down again. The dynasty moves on and once again, we will be drinking for free. These tabs are piling up. The plan has to change from collection to consumption. Let's spend that money faster that the stimulus plan!

Speaking of which, I am looking for my government hand out. Why do I have to wait until May? Can't they just send it along with my taxes? Yes, I do have my taxes done. Unlike in past years, I did not complete while drinking. I completed them while playing poker. That can be tricky as you may be making a pot size bet and then the screen changes over to your taxes. I don't think the government is going to believe I had income of $10.75 last year.

I tell you people, you need to get online and play that game called TurboTax. It can be quite fun watching your refund go up and down, from getting money to paying. It is one of the coolest video games I have seen. Oh wait, it isn't a game. It just feels like one to me.

Speaking of games, I have got to see this movie when it comes out. Having watched films on Scrabble, Crossword puzzles, how movies get their ratings, and guys in wheel chairs smash around into each other, this looks like a winner. Hat tip to Iggy for posting this gem:

I love how the guy refers to himself in the third person. Great stuff! But if the guy has survived this long on fame from playing Donkey Kong, power to him. I just would love to see this movie and find out that it is actually scripted. That would be pure genius.

I see the movie is available on Netflix. I am hoping I changed my queue in time to get this sent to me today. I could have it by Saturday.

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