Monday, February 11, 2008

Baby its cold outside

Those negative temperatures really slap you in the face when you walk out to your car in the morning. If you aren't awake after drinking your coffee, you are now. You are also happy that travel mug filled with hot joe is keeping your hands warm.

Damn its cold out there. It is going to get a tad warmer but that also means snow. Up to 10 inches depending on where you are. More shoveling tomorrow morning. Crap!

It kept me in the house yesterday, staying where a cat worked well in addition to a blanket. Though I was tempted to get up and head out to Hooters in the afternoon, I decided the chili I ate an hour earlier had sufficed. No need to eat when you are not hungry. Instead I tried to watch Pirates of the Carribean, End of the world or whatever it was called. I would call it boring, crappy third movie of the series. I probably should have chosen to watch hockey or something as my DVD player was acting up. For some reason it automatically posted the subtitles on the screen. This happened last week when I was watching Spider Man 3. I thought it was the disc so I didn't think too much of it. Even though I kept going back to the menu, I couldn't get those damn words to stay off the screen. Watching a movie with the words is very distracting. Actually, annoying it the better word. So when it happened again, I knew the problem wasn't the discs but the player. Thankfully, by simply unplugging the machine, something inside reset and the movie was playing just fine. Except for the movie sucking part.

I am glad the cold held off until Sunday. It was a good night at the bar on Saturday. A lot of old friend were out for a birthday party. The beer flowed and the shots soon followed. Everyone had a good time late into the night.

I just saw the update on the little bitches that robbed the girl scouts. One will be charged as an adult. Some interesting things in the article. How the girl showed up in court in jeans and flip flops and was not handcuffed. How her parents weren't present. How she has a record including a rap for burglarly.

I hope she gets the year in jail. I would also like to see the judge order her parents to court and give them the undressing it sounds like they deserve. They have raised a spoiled little brat who thinks she is above the law. She has no remorse. She probably hasn't been held accountable for anything in her life. Someone needs to teach this girl a lesson. The judge has the power to do so and should.


OMW said...

NO,NO,NO. You have the same heading as JO. I hope I didn't leave the same comment.

Now that I ca;med down I will read the entire post.

OMW said...

Speaking of Pirates--have you seen the new restaraunt on Howell thast will be opening next week? They say they will be an "American Pirate Fusion" restaurant & bar.