Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I thought it wasn't going to be so bad

Woke up and did the normal routine. Get out of bed, shovel, and shower.

I knew when I got home there would be shovelin' goin' on. Hey, sounds like a country song. Not that I would know.

I didn't expect there to be this much snow. And it is still coming down. My plan has changed a bit. First, a couple Makers and ginger to relax. Then shovelin', then a couple more Makers and then I can collapse into a coma.

I should find out where the local weathermen hang out and go kick their ass. Up to 5 inches. Yeah, maybe 5 inches below my ass when I am standing in the driveway.

Just what I needed. To have to clear up more snow. I would say screw it and get on a plane to Vegas but no one would shovel the snow when I am gone.

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