Thursday, February 28, 2008

Calling it in

I woke up this morning feeling like crap. My throat was clogged up, like I had been in a baked bean eating contest and hadn't properly chewed nor swallowed the beans. Of course being out late drinking last night didn't add much to the equation of feeling "healthy". So after a couple hours of sleep, the alarm goes off and I hack up a lung and realize I am most likely still under the influence. Time to hit the snooze button.

A dozen times.

Seeing how I have many vacation days available, today was a good one to take. The schedule was light so I could work the hangover and sit around playing poker and coughing up lung butter.

This sick thing is quite weird. I don't feel that bad. I have a cough that is annoying the fuck out of me right now. That is about it. Sinuses are ok. Throat isn't sore. No problem breathing. Just a cough. Oh, and a slight headache.

I think part of the problem was not finishing off the remedy last night. Got home to late and boozed up to pile down those shots. Guess I have to start it up again tonight.


OMW said...

But the important question--Did you guys win last night?

AletaR said...

The cough will hang around for a week or so. Today was the first day I wasn't walking around with a cough drop in my mouth all day. Hubbie on the other hand is still hacking away.