Monday, March 31, 2008


So after going to work and having to deal with the furnace issue, I simply went to the bar and watched the Brewers play. Yes, the forecast was wrong. Somehow the Brewers and Cubs got the game in with the weather and no matter how bad Gagne pitched, the Brewers beat the Cubs and are 1-0.

So sweet.

This is my thoughts on Saturday:

Saturday morning started with a sour note. After the Badger basketball team took their lumps, I spent the rest of the night at the bar drinking my sorrows away. The morning would come too soon and before I knew it I was out the door going to the Brewers game.

I think everyone knows someone who no matter what is always late. They are so predictably late that you know you can show up 10 to 15 minutes late and they don't have a clue. My friend Ryan is like that. Always going to be late. I wish I had known that before I left the house.

I admired the snow banks that lined the walkway over the bridge to the stadium. Just as we got over the bridge, a huge chunk of snow slid off of the roof of the stadium crashing to the ground. Had it not been for a lot of people still tailgating in the parking lot, someone would have been hurt. Or maybe if you look at the bright side, someone gets free tickets for life.

The Milwaukee Brewers were having Fanfest 2008 before their exhibition game with the Kansas City Royals. I was hoping it would be like one I attended years ago that allowed you to check out the stadium including the locker room and dugout. That wasn't happening this year. It seemed to be just autographs with players.

Big whoop! I am not an autograph person. I will not wait in a line for 30 minutes just to get a signed piece of paper. Just not my thing. I do however like watching some of the people that will stand there. Among the baseball card and ball people were others presenting huge posters for players to sign. Or the back of an old seat from County Stadium. Huh?

However, I don't think anyone could match these two goof balls. As we were walking around the stadium during the game, we found ourselves in the porch beyond center field. Two guys with beer can hats were dancing. We soon found out that between innings, they were going to have a dance off. Yep, a dance off. I am not sure how much they had to drink but there nothing in this world that could make me embarrass myself like this:

Ok, I have nothing much to add to this. The dorkiness of these two speaks volumes. Seriously. Can anyone make themselves look even stupider? It is like these guys spent time planning out a routine.

And yeah, the guy laughing his ass of in the background is me.

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