Monday, March 31, 2008

No heat

I had hoped to tell the story of a day at the ballpark capped off with a night at the bar but that has to wait. I was trying to upload a video from the game on Saturday but had no success. I will have to give it a go after work today.

It was a strange Sunday. Without football, there is little to do. Thankfully that will change with the return of baseball this week but those Sundays in between the Super Bowl and the beginning of baseball are just empty days for me. There is little to nothing going on so I usually sit back and watch whatever I have from Netflix or on the DVR.

I had just finished reading the paper and decided to watch the episodes of Torchwood that I hadn't seen yet. As I sat on the couch drinking coffee, I began to notice it was feeling a bit chilly in the living room. I didn't think much of it at first. Maybe I hadn't turned the thermostat up last night. An hour later I got up and took a look. It was 60 degrees inside the house. Funny. I could have sworn the furnace had been on earlier. I went downstairs and took a look. Having just had someone look at it just over 2 years ago, I had an idea of what to look for.

And sure enough, there it was. The red light blinking on the control panel. One short, one long, two short. A code for the technician to know what is wrong. I found the receipt from the last trip so hopefully I can get it down for free if not some kind of discount if the work is related.

So I bundled up and watched the first season of the Wire. I do not know why I wasn't watching this when it was on HBO the first time. Good stuff.

I also need to call the electric company once again. Not on the supposed dangerous wiring issue, but on their supposed inability to read my gas and electric meters. The letter states they would like a key so they can enter my premises and get an accurate reading, instead of an estimate. Oh hell no! No way would I even think about giving them a key no matter what procedures would be in place for security.

Both gas and electric meters are on the outside of my house. They should know this as they have come by for readings for years! I am not sure what is going on at We Energies but I do know one thing. They are really screwed up.

It was supposed to be opening day for the Brewers but all the rain here and in Chicago will most certainly cause a cancellation. That would have been one small benefit of getting out of work early. Catching the game as the technician fixed the furnace. Oh well.

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Chilly said...

I think the utility company has screwed up your account and has your address attached to someones elses pile of sticks.