Wednesday, March 05, 2008

All about the jelly

I love it when someone in the workplace starts a charity drive. I am all for giving and helping people going through bad times. In this case, it is a food drive that has just begun. This works well as I will be heading out to the store tonight and can grab some canned vegetables or cereal or something.

What I refuse to do, but must admit I have done in the past, is use a food drive as an excuse to get rid of stuff I will never eat. As I walked by the table set up to collect the food, I noticed the ealry donations. One big box of green beans and two big jars of grape jelly.

Nothing says helping the hungry like grape jelly!!!

I felt so relieved to see that jelly on the table. Just knowing some hobo can walk off the street, into the soup kitchen, and get some jelly on their bread warms my heart. Knowing they can have the PB&J just like all of us working stiffs may just be the jumpstart they need to get their lives back together.

But jelly can only do so much to help the needy. I will have to supply some ketchup or mustard so they can live the big life. I would go for some salsa but they do need to earn some things in life on their own.

Brewers whoop Cubs 10-6! Yeah it was only spring training but that is always fun to type out. I plan to do more of that in a couple of months.

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Anonymous said...

How dare some stinky bum get jelly? They're hobos, for cryin' out loud! It's dry peanut butter on bread or they can just starve. Sheesh... And ketchup and mustard! Noooo way. Dry bologna sandwiches for you, tramp.

What? It's actually for a family with three children? Hey, that's going to ruin your whole rant. We'll pretend it's just hobos. And even if it was for kids - Hey, teach them early that life sucks and they are simply cant expect the the jelly, ketchup and mustard entitled to those of us living the 'big life'. They need to learn to be grateful for macaroni (plain, damn it - no cheesey anything) six nights a week. Feast night is never getting beyond dried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with water. Why don't those ungrateful beggars teach their little brats this from day one?