Tuesday, March 04, 2008

So Booneing what

I have received a couple emails this morning about some old QB in Green Bay retiring.

The day has come. Packer fans across the state- and those few who live elsewhere- can now have their day of over reaction. A day where they can make it sound like a piece of them has died. A day they can make special though it is just another Tuesday. A day to not do any work but scour the internet for the little nuggets that make them feel special. The TV stations will spend the first 15 minutes of each newscast covering this "story". Radio stations now have something to talk about and provide a lovefest forum for their listeners.

Ok, I did the same thing when Aikman, Smith and Irvin retired. So I say it is ok.

Favre had a great career. Was a good QB. Not the best ever. No one can lay claim to it. Lets just call it what it was. Very damn good. There I said it. But he never did win at Texas Stadium.

Thinking of getting me some cheap Brewers tickets for the end of this month. Who wants one? Sadly, the Brewers didn't make the list for Top MLB Promotions of 2008. I like the idea of free money in Cleveland, but not as much as Beerfest in Oakland. I envy Joe Speaker if he goes to that game. Heck, I would go to just drink in the parking lot.

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