Friday, March 14, 2008

I really need to stop by the liquor store

I didn't feel like doing too much last night. I was sitting in front of my pc playing poker, trying to decide if I had the energy to go to the bar and down a couple of beers. The lazy part of my brain took control and forced me head to look over to the liquor cabinet. This is the signature move- a finisher in wrestling- that the lazy part of my brain has mastered. A piledriver to the ambitious part. A sleeperhold on the adrenal glands. The clam to the muscles in my legs to prevent them from moving.

As the lazy part of my brain strutted around my skull in triumph, my body instinctively moved to the liquor cabinet. As the door came open, I was quickly reminded that I am just about out of booze. I had little choice on what to drink. I had a liter of Coke left in the fridge that I could pour over some ice with....brandy or cheap ass church won rum. There was only enough brandy for one drink. Rather than mixing, I accepted my fate and grabbed the bottle of Ron Rio rum. Oh, I should mention the bottle is plastic. Top shelf stuff.

I grimaced as I opened the bottle. I knew this was going to be rough. I was better off trying to get drunk on Listerine. At least it would leave my mouth clean. I drank the rum and cokes down. It did the job of relaxing me, but it did manage to reinforce my mantra.

Life is too short to drink cheap booze.

Learn it. Live it. Love it.

I should go back to my original plan and use the cheap rum to clean out my sinks. I am sure it can eat through anything that may be lying in those pipes. I also need to stop by the liquor store. Badly.

I am getting myself a new stove this weekend. Lucked into it. I have been considering getting a new stove for the past couple of months. Only two burners work and the oven is iffy. I have no idea what the exact temp is I am setting it to. It is usually a guessing game as to the temp and how long to cook things. Ok maybe not things but pizza. And an occasional lasagna or enchiladas.

Only 7.5 hours until the weekend. I am thinking I can slip out over lunch and get a beer or two. Problem is, I probably wouldn't want to come back.


Blonde said...

Life is too short to drink cheap booze. Feel free to lick Makers Mark off my nips and kitten anytime.

I am back.

Rock on.

StB said...

Why is my tongue moving uncontrollably in my mouth?

Is uncontrollably a word? Is now!