Sunday, March 02, 2008

Rubber cement

If you walked by my computer today, you may have the impression that I spent Saturday viewing online porn. There were used tissues all over the place.

But no, I didn't spend all of my day watching porn. I was battling the plague. The real problem was that I didn't start the cure until Friday night. I tried on Wednesday but got too drunk Wednesday to drink the night shots and slept too much on Thursday for the night shots. On Friday, I drank some Cabo Wabo and got it going again. Dutifully followed up on Saturday and I feel so much better today. Every time I blow my nose it feels like rubber cement coming out. Tomorrow I will be back to 100%

The cure works people! Trust me and hit the bottle!

I did get out of the house to walk down the street to get some beer. I am not sure why I decided not to go to the bar. It sounds like everyone have/had this bug. There would be no one left to get sick. But I stayed in and drank hand grenades. Mickey's rules!!!

Speaking of beer, I noticed an interesting ad in the neighborhood paper. There was a beer called Moutain Creek. It was on sale for $6.99 a case. Retail per can is just over a quarter. My stomach hurt just reading the price. This has to be some of the worst beer ever made if they can sell it for just over 25 cents a can. It may taste just like its name. Yet, my curiousity is piqued...

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Diarrhea of the Mouth said...

by boyfriend had a headache over the weekend and cured it by drinking more. this whole weekend was about getting shit faced and showing up to work 2 hours late on monday.