Monday, March 03, 2008

Boone you!

As I sat around in recovery mode this weekend, I went through some of the DVDs I had from Netflix. Mr. Woodcock was ok, funny in some parts, boring in others. Not necessarily a waste of time as it provided some laughs.

I did enjoy F**K, A documentary. The documentary is straigh forward. It is about the one word that most everyone in the world either utters or is offended by every single day. A word you like to say, do, yell, scream, demand, etc. Just saying it makes you feel good.

The footage of old George Carlin in it was just as good as the Lenny Bruce story. The menage of people commenting from Sam Donaldson to Ice T to Pat Boone was quite interesting. Hell, Pat Boone makes the film even funnier by being such an old fuddy duddy. He is not kidding when he says he made up his own cuss word- Boone!- instead of saying the dreaded F-bomb. Not sure who was funnier, him or Ice T who had some classic lines and cracks himself up when he says he will use Boone!

The only bad part of the film was the political slant they put on it. I just felt it was unnecessary to make it a liberal versus conservative thing.

Go rent it. Very funny for anyone who doesn't have a stick up their ass about a simple little word.

Now get the Boone out of here and go read some good stories at Truckin'. Dr. Booning Paul and the other mother Booners know how to boonin' write!

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