Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spoke too soon

I guess I should have known better. Just hours after I figure I was good with the electric company I come home to an inspection notice from the city. WTF? She lied to me. So the battle rages on and once again, I realize I cannot win.


I give up. I will speak with the electric company, send in their forms and give them the cash. Go ahead, wire up the house as you see fit. Can you at least go inside and reset all of my digital clocks when you are done?

Update 8:13:
Or not. The city just called back and the inspector apologized. The notice was not supposed to go out. She pointed me to the city website where it does show the notice has been dismissed. Dare I scream victory!? No, I don't. The electric company will be calling as well. I have a feeling this isn't over.

Update 9:40:
Back to the Catch-22. Just spoke with the electric company. They would still like to speak with the city inspector and get the work done. However, if the inspector will not provide them a report, they cannot do any work. So depending on how stubborn the city wants to be, my house could be a "hazard" according to the electric company. Got it?

One thing I did have some fun with was the city's website. I checked out all the info they had on my property. I then noticed I could check out other properties on my block. Which I did. I was a bit surprised at the value of my house compared to the others around it. I was about to jump around all Samson-like beating my chest about having the most expensive property on the block until I thought about the house on the other end of the block. Oh. That place is worth that much huh? Ok, so I guess I will be quite and enjoy my shack.

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