Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday thoughts

So it is tournament time, huh? I am not into basketball at any level. I pay some attention when the tournament starts only because it is do or die. It is fun to watch the little schools pull the upset. It is also interesting to watch people's disdain for some schools.

I just look at it as a reason to sit around and drink all day. I call these real professional drinking days.

Of course I am at work today but will be out for the tip off of the first game tomorrow. I may be in a bowling alley watching the games. If so, I know I will have to roll a couple of games.

It took me 4 1/2 Iron Maiden songs to get home yesterday. I started Somewhere in Time as I left the parking structure and pulled into my garage at the 3 minute mark of track 5, The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner. Man I love that album. The songs kick ass.

Spring is here. I got my car out yesterday and drove it to work. And the Weather Service has placed Milwaukee under a Winter Storm Watch forecasting 4-7 inches of snow. Hmm...shouldn't it be a Spring Storm Watch? Or a Winterlike Weather Storm Watch? Just saying.

I will take full blame for the snow. I not only predicted we would not get another snowfall of more than 4 inches, but by getting the car out in mid March guaranteed weather would get hairy again, if just for a couple of days. The snow will be gone by middle of next week so I don't want to hear any bitching and moaning about it.

I am beginning to regret not taking the day off. I would really like to be sitting in a bar drinking a Bloody Mary even though I don't really care for them.

The Blonde showed up again. What is the over/under on when her next post is? The number of days between posts have been 12, 36, and 52. I am setting the line at 22.

Even though the first game doesn't start for a coupe of hours, I feel like I have already been eliminated from my pools. I suck at them. I am a donator. No wonder I receive so many invites for them. I have UCLA winning it all and me winning nothing.

Otis had an interesting post up yesterday about bands he would like to see in his lifetime. It got me to thinking about what my list would look like. Live music is great, but there are few bands that I need to see. It used to be when a band would come around I had to go to the show. Now, it is like, eh, maybe. Anyways, this would be my list:
  1. Helloween- a favorite that most of my friends have never heard, nor do they want to.
  2. Led Zeppelin- hey, it is possible to see at least 3 of the original members with Bonham's kid. I would take that.
  3. The Who- yeah, not quite the same as in their hey days.
  4. In Flames- I have a chance in a couple of weeks. Just need to find someone to go.

Short list. I get my fill at Summerfest


Speaking of Summerfest, I found Pauly and Otis' stories from Langerado quite interesting. It made me wonder what they would think of Summerfest, assuming they have never been there. I wonder if they would find it too corporate or just right with the amount of music over 11 days. Having it on set site, with permanent stages is quite different from setting up speakers in a field.


The first games are underway. I have had 3 people ask me why I was at work. Each one expected me to be in a bar drinking already. I feel like I have let them down.


I have officially checked out of work. Mentally that is. It is only an hour or so, but I have no desire to do any work. In fact, I am working harder at making it appear that I am working that I am actually working. I call it power sitting. I really need a beer.


Late night update:

Got out of work and stopped at the liquor store. Salvadore Dopple Bock, Sprecher Dopple Boch and New Glarus Road Slush. That was going to constitute the beer menu for my Thursday. Good beers make a night develop beyond expectations. I had a number of good chats with other bloggers that coupled with some good play at the poker tables, made for a great night.

A foot of snow is now the forecast. Blow me. Seriously, will some lady blow me if we get the 10 plus inches of snow they say may fall. If I can get a good knobber I don't mind shoveling.


James Wigderson said...

You're in trouble with UCLA. That's who I picked.

You know I'm never right about these things.

Diarrhea of the Mouth said...

UNC all the way baby!

I will pass on the blowing thing. I have to shovel myself and I think I will be too tired to blow you afterwards. And of course I can't do it before I shovel, I will be too tired to shovel then.

StB said...

Have to love a girl who gives her all!