Thursday, April 03, 2008

Observations in a parking lot

I found myself sitting in my truck in a Walgreens parking lot yesterday afternoon. My mother had called asking for a ride because her car wouldn't start. I had the Brewers game on the radio as I sat there with the sun shining. It was a pretty nice day. A nice day to people watch.

I watched cars pull up, people get out and head into the drugstore. For my own amusement I played a game of drugs or food. I would guess whether the person was going into the store for a prescription or if they were there for food. Some were easier than others. Old people were a sure drug while teenagers were food. This game got boring quick as I lost track of who was who.

Or maybe it was the school bus I saw pull into the parking lot dropping off some kids. This Walgreens has a school bus stop in it? 3 kids got off (one boy, two girls). One girl immediately went into the store and sat on a bench while the other two leaned up against a lightpole. I didn't notice the car that picked them up or when. It took about 10 minutes for the one inside to hop into a minivan. It got me to wondering. How did they arrange to drop kids off in a parking lot? Do they get picked up there to? What school do they go to? Why couldn't they walk home from this bus stop? I think kids today are way too lazy. They don't seem to walk to school anymore. I hade to walk about 10 blocks to middle school and just over a mile to high school. I never got a ride either way. These kids probably get picked up in this lot so they don't have to walk the 2 blocks home.

One other thing caught my eye. There was one black teenager in the lot waiting for someone. After about 5 minutes his friend came out. He was noticeable for two reasons. One, he had a nice afro going and was picking it out. When he was done he stuck the pick straight in and left it there. It was like the 70s all over again. The second part was the jacket he was wearing. It was a NASCAR M&Ms jacket, complete with the small sponsor patches all over it. Huh? Is this some new hip hop fashion thing, sporting a NASCAR jacket? I ask the Bracelet since he is on great terms with his people. What is up with that?

I am hoping the day goes by quickly. I wouldn't mind getting out of work in time to catch the end of the Brewers game. Tomorrow I will be in attendance at Opening Day. First time in the last 4 or 5 years. As far as I know the plans are still in the air. Not sure if we will be hitting up a bar or meeting people in the lots to tailgate. My preference is a bar since it will be on the cool side. Hit the bar, drink, piss and hit the lot for an hour before the game. Get the best of both worlds.

Because of Opening Day I doubt I will post anything tomorrow but you never know. I may see something happen at the bar tonight that amuses or pisses me off that I will have unload on. If not, Go Brewers! I can taste the beer and brats already.


swandad said...

Cool blog, dude.

Uncle Bracelet said...

Us African Americans are just trying to send a shockwave through the good ol' boy's network by adopting their beloved (And fucking retarded) practice of wearing their Nascar jackets everywhere.

Once they see us wearing them they'll probably feel like they have to stop, and the world will be a much better place.