Friday, April 04, 2008

Living a Visa commercial

Not much was happening at the bar last night. Can't even say the usual suspects were sitting on their stools. It wasn't a bad thing. Sometimes you just want to chat with the bartender and drink your beer.

I decided to leave after just a couple of hours. I could make it home in time to actually hit the beginning of the poker tournament I had signed up for. The only decision I was left with was to hit the liquor store for a 6 pack or to stop at Walgreens and get some Coke to swim with the Captain. I decided some Doritos would be good so it was destination Walgreens. Hmm...two days in a row at a Walgreens. What gives?

I grabbed the soda and chips and got in line. Two people were ahead of me. One pierced up girl buying some Klondike bars. I assumed the guy was with her. He had a 4 pack of Monster energy drink. As if that wasn't enough, he grabbed two fancy bottles (they had some artwork on them) of Mountain Dew. I chuckled to myself thinking he is going to get wired and not drunk. What fun is that? His girl gave him shit because he spent $11 on that sugary junk.

I noticed both of them paid with a credit or debit card. I was spending about 5 bucks so I figured cash was good enough. And then it happened. The clerk took by money and stopped dead in his tracks. He even let out an "Uh...???". Apparently his brain stopped. He didn't know what to do. I commented how I guess no one pays with cash any more. The girl behind me- the one with the piercing through her septum buying all the heat pads in the store- chimed in that I belong in a museum for doing so. It took about 5 seconds before the guy punched in the amount into the register and popped the drawer open. He proceeded to make change and stopped again. My total was $5.27. Problem was he had no coins in the drawer. None. So he gave $15 back. Cash pays!

I am off to the stadium now. As I drove past it yesterday and saw the tents up in the parking lot, the warm feeling crept over me. Baseball season doesn't really begin until your team has their Opening Day. Should be a fun one today. My beer awaits.

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OMW said...

I was at Big Mama's last night-I don't remember seeing you. But then again, with what I drank I don't remember much of anything about last night.