Sunday, April 27, 2008

Out to the lot

I wish I could have slept a bit longer today, but I have to be out at 10 and ready to tailgate. After goring on football, baseball, and wings, it would be nice to have a day to just lay on the couch and relax. Instead I will be out in a parking lot drinking beer and asking how we could have a tailgate party without brats. Unbelievable!

Quick thoughts on the Cowboys draft so far. Jones was the easy predictable pick. Not bad but they should have taken Mendenhall. Better back. Jones fits in well so I hope it won't matter in the long haul. Jenkins at CB is ok, not sure why they moved up to get him. Probably cuz Jerry wanted to make a trade. Solid player who is needed in the nickel. TE Bennet should be a great addition. The kid is 6-7, 250 pounds. A huge target for Romo to throw to. I would expect to see him playing in the slot if not wide at times.

I think I may have the perfect Hooter wing created. Mix the hot with the spicy garlic. Works out to a tasty wing. Still need a bit of perfecting as the bottom wings were a little on the oily side. I believe the Hooter wing sauces are butter based so this can be expected. It still made for a good wing considering what we had to work with. Getting closer to matched BW3's spicy garlic.

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James Wigderson said...

I don't understand. Shouldn't the restaurant work on the perfect sauce, not the customer?