Monday, April 28, 2008

Hot sex chain letter

For me, one of life's simplest treasures is to spend a Sunday at the ballpark. Do a little tailgating with friends, enjoy the sunshine and warm weather, followed by a home team victory. After the game you enjoy a couple cold ones in the parking lot, waiting for the cars to leave so your exit is much easier. Stopping into the local watering hole to cap off the night and ease into a slumber.

Yeah, I enjoy days like that. Too bad yesterday wasn't one of those days. It was cloudy and cold. The wind would pick up making it miserable at times. The beer was cold though and the friends made it feel warmer that it was. The Brewers sucked ass in another long game that showed no offense by the home team. Thankfully the beer was still cold in the lot and getting out wasn't a problem. There would be no gathering at the tavern.

Maybe we can try again in a month or so.

I see the girl working every day now. I pass her on my car usually in the afternoon but sometimes in the morning. I guess technically she is a construction worker, assisting the burly men who are rebuilding the road. She stands on the side of the road, holding a "SLOW" sign that she props up when a truck or other piece of equipment needs to interact with traffic. I can't help but wonder what this person thinks of her job. Is she bored out of her mind doing such a simple task? Maybe she does other things on the site that I do not see; like she rotates another job, maybe even driving a tractor or dump truck. But if all she does is hold that sign, wouldn't that drive her nuts. I wouldn't be shocked if she was making some mad money holding that sign.

Maybe someone sent construction sign holding girl the email I got today. A chain letter stating I would be rich in two days if I sent it to 6 people. I did what I do with other received chains. Delete. As my friends know, I am most likely not to respond to chain letters or the friend surveys or any of that crap. If I do I will try to create the funniest answers or mock the question. I don't believe I have ever answered one honestly even when one of the questions is "Did you answer honestly?".

No, I am the one who tries to break the chain. In this case, there was no punishment for not forwarding. Nothing would happen to the person who sent it (they wouldn't get rich is someone had not passed it on) so I tossed it right into my virtual trash bin.

Now if there was a "hot sex" chain letter going around where you would have hot sweaty monkey sex with 2 Playmates just by forwarding the email to 10 of your friends I would be spamming the hell out of everyone!

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