Friday, May 16, 2008

Bong hit

Time to escape the city and head down to the Bong Rec area to freeze my nads off tonight. I have been bothered by the thought of the cold since last year when I froze my ass off one night taking a piss outside the tent.

I have wondered why I have let this one experience bother me so much. Most of the time will be spent in mild weather- if not warm- during the day and the heat of the fire at night. But those couple hours of that mid 40s weather puts a bit of dread into my heart.

Again, I am not sure why. I am an optimist. I look for the good in things. Unless it has to do with being cold I guess.

Enough of that. My mind is free. I will have enough warm clothes to obliterate that chill in the air. This time I won't pee while standing in my boxers. I will throw some pants on and stay somewhat warm.

Should be a good time. There might be some rain but it doesn't look bad. Can't wait to get that fire roaring to life. I have plenty of beer and friend to shoot the shit with. I just need to get through the day and try to sneak out early. Time to block off the last hour of the day for a "meeting". I might go full bore and reserve a conference room as well. Maybe even put together an agenda.

Stock was up 4 pennies yesterday. Nothing exciting going on there.

I may take some of that cash and get a Wii. I have been kinda wanting one for a while and will take the plunge soon. Seems like half the game is getting one on ebay. I am not going to get up early to get the Sunday paper and stand outside a store for a couple hours just to have a chance to get one. I will pay market price (around $300) for one off ebay or maybe get a bundle with a bunch of games if I get tired of the auction site. Depends on how bored I get with the process or at work.

That kinda reminds me of some of the stuff I have bought online because I was bored at work. They include an electronic drum kit, shirts, a bowling ball, bowling bag, slot machine, boombox, mp3 player, and dvd player. Maybe I should do something beside shop when bored. It seems to get me more crap I don't use.

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