Monday, May 19, 2008

Be careful around Jack Black

Sunday mornings are quiet on the campground. People take their time getting out of their warm sleeping bags, choosing to sleep just a couple minutes more than brave the chilly air en route to the restrooms.

Restarting the fire is the unspoken duty delegated to the person who chooses to stay awake rather than catch extra zs. They must rekindle the flames from the embers so those following can have a nice warm fire to sit in front of as they fully wake up. Some kindling along with smaller logs will excite the embers and awaken the flame after some fanning.

It is usually the men folk that gather round the fire early on a Sunday. They walk up one by one, grabbing a chair and positioning it in the right spot for either sunlight, warmth, being upwind, or all of the above. Few words are spoken. Maybe a "Good Morning" or "Sleep well?" but nothing that can be considered a conversation. The silence among men speaks volumes. Words are not necessary when you sit in front of the fire, slowly letting you mind come back to life. The grogginess of the night's alcohol is still lingering in the system. Us men need this quiet time to get all of our senses back.

As more people come to the pit, the words begin to flow. Those that have been working the fire are now reaching a sociable phase, beyond the early grunts and nods to one where they can put words into a sentence that can be understood. The silliness of the past couple days begins to come out as recent memories are rehashed for another round of laughter before the weekend ends. Unfortunately for some, this isn't Vegas. What happens at camp may just get spread around among friends or in this case, the interwebs, so you should be careful about what you say. Everyone will play the part of the fool at some point during the summer camping season so you must be prepared to take whatever you dish out. It is just a matter of time.

This time around, it was Annette's mother who said something that had us laughing all weekend. Anytime a 65 year old woman starts talking about her sex dreams, it is guaranteed that hijinx will follow. Not sure how we got onto this topic but her mother, let's call her Bonnie (real name protected), offered up this nugget about a dream she recently had. It involved either Jack Black or the guy form the TV show, Reaper.

She was not sure which one it was that was poking her in the ass. Yep, that is not a typo. Her sex dream had either Reaper boy or Jack Black taking a trip down the Hershey highway on her. She tried to whisper to her daughter that he was trying the "BF" on her. Annette looked around wondering "BF..boyfriend" when Bonnie explained that BF meant butt fucking. From there the groans started followed by laughter. A 65 year old lady having dreams of Jack Black banging her butthole became the ongoing joke of the weekend. It brings a smile to my mouth just thinking about how funny it was. Bonnie was a trooper and took the ribbing in stride. Next time we may think twice about asking if she had any dreams to share with the group.

Stock was down 11 cents on Friday. The company will be speaking at a healthcare conference sponsored by one of the big brokerage firms on Thursday. That could provide a pop later in the week.

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AletaR said...

All I can say is Mitch has some pretty big shoes to fill with keeping up with Bonnie's dreams.