Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Freezing already

Highs in the mid 60s, partly sunny with a slight chance of rain during the day, mid 40s at night.

Mid 40s.

That is cold. So cold you notice a big drop in temperature when you walk away from the fire. Looks like I will have to keep that fire a raging this weekend.

That is very freakin' cold when you have to walk outside a tent and take a piss at 3 in the morning. It takes about 10 minutes inside a sleeping bag to just warm back up and then you hope you can fall back asleep. So cold I know my boyz will move from my sack into my belly just to stay warm. I may have to buy a trampoline next week just to get them back in place.

I think I was better off not looking at the weather report. Sure I knew it would be on the chilly side and I can prepare by packing some warm clothes but again, when you drink all day, you will need to go water the bushes a couple times at night and freeze your nads off.

I wonder if I can buy some thermal boxers somewhere?

Stock report: Down 13 cents. The rush is over. Being locked into a holding period, I may want to take a good look at the options. Not only can I make some more cash that way I can lock in a profit. This is not a blue chip stock I own here. The risk/reward ratio was favorable. The outlook is favorable, but if the market gets choppy, anything can happen.


AletaR said...

You'll be fine (that's a quote from my husband when I remarked about the weather this weekend)
Forget the thermal boxers and just go for the long underwear.

J. Gambino said...

Maybe you could stuff some of those hand warmer things down your pants? Or just have someone hold the boys for you.