Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hypothetically speaking

Hypothetically speaking, let's say you are taking care of the cats at a friend's house while they are on vacation. They have told you to help yourself to the drinks. So you grab the big jug of Sunny D and take a big swig from the bottle. At that moment, you realize you are not at your house and taking a swig from the bottle isn't right. So you put the bottle on the counter so you can find a glass. But as you do, you do not but the jug all the way on the counter causing it to fall, with Sunny D ending up all over the floor. Again, hypothetically speaking, if you clean it up to the best of your ability, possibly using some good towels along the way, is it wrong not to let them know what happened? Even if the floor is just a bit sticky and you can blame the cats? You know, just asking...

Man did those cats eat a lot of food. When I showed, both food bowls were empty. One was standing by them waiting for me to pour the food. Guess they couldn't wait 3 days like I was told.

On the way to work today I passed a truck carrying Stinky Gringo Margarita Mix. After taking some time to get over the thought that a margarita may taste good, I thought about the name. Stinky gringo. Sounds rather derogatory, doesn't it? The term gringo can be derogatory to some. Add in stinky and I think the message just may be wrong. Sure it sounds funny at first but then it seems rather offensive. Interestingly enough, it is a Milwaukee based company.

Stock update: Forgot to mention Friday's action, up 13 cents. Yesterday, up a penny. Sitting a 10 bucks right now. Just need it to stay around this price for at least a month. C'mon, granny needs a new TV set!

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J. Gambino said...

I would not tell the people whose house you spilled the stuff in. And I don't know if Bonnie told you about the wrath she suffered when she drank Ben's Sunny D? I guess not.

If you could just make sure the towels are in the tub or rinsed out well, that would be great. I guess I should have set up the food bowls instead of Ben. There should be 3 extra bowls of food, not 2.