Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It never rains when you want it to

It was a beautiful day yesterday. In the high 70s by the lake, the sun shining all day. Having rained a good portion of the night, there was the first feel of humidity in the air. It gave me the window of opportunity I needed to mow the lawn before it was suppose to rain.

It never did rain. And I may be the only person who wishes it had. If fact, it kinda pissed me off. First, the instructions on the weed n feed state it works best after the grass has been watered. Hey, according to the weather people it was suppose to rain all day Monday. I could spray the weed killer on Tuesday. It would be perfect. Except for the rain part.

Because it was suppose to rain all day, I had plans to relax and take it easy. I would let a pork shoulder slowly cook in the crock pot while I watched movies or played Wii all day. Simple, relaxing plan for a day off. It did remind me of why I didn't want to own a gaming system. Way too many hours playing Super Mario Bros. Galaxy. That game is like video crack.

I did just that but feel like I wasted a day inside when I could have been outside doing something that I didn't do because it was still suppose to rain according to the meteorological geniuses. Weathermen are on top of my list right now.

To make matter worse, while I was cutting the grass, a get a call from friends who are visiting the east coast. They were at a minor league game and called to tell me their were enjoying their beers. I didn't have a beer. Maybe I should have popped one open. But friends calling about drinking is not as fun as you drinking with your friends.

For now it is back to the grind. I have already endured listening to the two hens yap about meaningless annoying stuff. One went on and on about her weekend and all the stuff they bought. This same person will be bitching about the price of gas or the economy later this week, clueless about how someone who just spent a couple grand on things she didn't absolutely need shouldn't complain. One thing I do know, I would love to figure out what medication she is on.

I have a craving for some Sunny D. I think I know where I can find some to guzzle down.

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