Friday, May 30, 2008


Ah Friday. How I miss thee.

Short weeks are a pain, but the benefit is the weekend comes a lot quicker. Best thing is managing to have very little on the schedule so I can sit back and look busy all day. I excel at that. I have been practicing my looks of concern, success, accomplishment and angst. Angst is the hardest look to perfect because if you are doing it wrong, someone may think you are trying to take a crap in your chair.

Not sure what is going on this weekend. River Splash! is going on downtown this weekend. Feel like walking in the middle of the street drinking a beer? Here is your chance.

I know I will head to a bar after work today to relax. Should run into some old colleagues making it a good time.

Other than that nothing is on the docket. I will be in Vegas next weekend so it may be a good idea to take it easy and save up for the debauchery that is to come. With the Brewers and Red Wings playing, cage fighting Saturday and Sunday, I will have enough to keep me occupied.

Stock update: Forgot to mention the bloodbath on Wednesday. Stock was down 65 cents. Ouch! Suddenly grandma was on her way to getting a 13 inch black and white television. Bit of a rebound yesterday, up 17 cents to 9.65.

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Blonde said...

Hey stranger...wish me and my puppies were going to be in Vegas with you. I have to be in a wedding of a couple that I don't even give a year.

Drink enough MM for the both of us.