Monday, June 02, 2008

An under the radar good weekend

Ever have one of those weekends where you didn't think you did too much but afterwards you were happy and relaxed on Sunday night. Comfortably numb. Like post orgasm happy. Well, not quite that much but let's call it got good head happy.

I thought about what I did this weekend. It didn't seem like much at first but there I was on Sunday night, tired and a bit intoxicated, trying to keep my eyes open to watch the WEC fight Faber versus Pulver. It was up next but I was not. I hit the record button and figured I watch it in the morning before going to work. Which I did. What, you don't wake up at 5:30 just to watch some cagefighting beforing hopping in the shower and going to work? Hell, I was tempted to pop open a beer just for the fight.

Friday was a good easy night. Went from work to the bar for a send off party. Saw some old faces and had a good time. Decided to just to to another bar rather than home to watch the Brewers game and was home before midnight.

Got my chores done on Saturday, including finally getting the weed and feed sprayed. I like how you see the results the next day on the dandelions. They were already wilting over, succumbing to a slow death. Die you little bastards! Got some work done inside the house and finished up at the bar watching the Brewers, MMA, and the drama at the bar. Between the 3, I am not sure which was the most enteraining. A Brewers victory was nice and the fights on the TV were pretty good though they called the two big fights early. But the bar drama might have been the most interesting. The owner's kid was supposed to start at 8. That changed to 9 when she texted in that she would be able to make it. Come 9 o'clock, she wasn't around. Just before 10 she arrived pretty tanked with her boyfriend. The boy friend is about the same age as the owner (yeah, you can figure the age difference) and they begin shouting at each other. The owner was (of course) mad that she was late and never called. She shouts that she did when the boyfriend gets involved. I was thinking they would begin to fight right then and there. Worst part is they were our partying and she didn't want to work. Later she had trouble just standing while behind the bar.

The weekend was capped with a beautiful day at the ballpark, watching the Brewers sweep the Astros. A warm sunny day watching baseball is tough to beat in my book. Guess that is why we ended up at Hooters, eating wings and drinking more beer. I was pleased to see they finally have fixed the place up too. New tables, chairs, and stools were put into place. The men's room had been cleaned up with new fixtures. About time they put some money into the place after all those years.

But now it is back to work. A short week ahead which shall be interesting. Department is short handed and the boss is a bit frantic. If the shit hits the fan, I may be drunk before I get on the plane on Thursday.

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Diarrhea of the Mouth said...

ok i admit it, i haven't been following along...spank me later for it. where are you heading off too? and why the fuck aren't you taking me with you?