Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Time flies when you are having fun...driving

I took my car in for some regular maintenance on Monday. Oil change, rotate the tires kind of thing. I have a guy who does good work at an honest price. He treats your car like his own, which admittedly can be good and bad. He will make recommendations on work that probably should be done but he won't push it on you. If something needs to be fixed, he will say so. If it can wait, he will say so. He isn't trying to juice up the bill on me which is nice. Thus when he mentions something might be wrong, I know I can trust him and his experience on whether something needs to be fixed immediately. It is good to have a mechanic you can trust.

Apparently my radiator has a crack in it. The car has over 100,000 miles on it so I am not necessarily surprised. It would explain why every couple of months I need to fill it up.

I was also informed I would need new tires. This wasn't a real surprise either. I looked at the tires before I took the car in and thought they looked like they were near the end of their lifespan. Thing was I felt like I just had them put on the car a couple years back. Those "couple years" ended up being 6 1/2! The tires have over 50,000 miles on them, about right for the brand.

Where did all this time go? I guess I have been driving around more than I thought. Will be interesting to see how much this might set me back. I may hold off on the tires until the next oil change. With the trip to NYC and the upcoming adventure in Vegas, my bank account doesn't need to take this beating.

Speaking of driving, here is a little video for you to enjoy.

Market was down yesterday. Stock followed suit down 9 pennies. Need a nice summer rally!

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