Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Drinking for Jesus 2008 about to begin

It was mid day when I realized we have a 3 day weekend coming. Yes! That made my Monday much better. Hopefully the weather will be nice. Forecast is sunny and in the 70s. Could be time to open the windows and get some needed fresh air in the house.

We actually had some nice weather on the campgrounds during the day on Saturday. The sun was shining its warmth all over. I got a little color on the arms, with a bit of sun tan lotion applied just before I began to burn. I now know where my watch goes and will be reminded whether I have it on or not.

I also may have developed a taste for Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy. It is not quite a beer you will drink a lot of if you like beer. But try it on a very warm day. The beer/lemonade combo will hit the spot. Or at least get you through the heat of the day until you head inside to drink some real beer.

My Wii quest is over. After trying to obtain one via ebay auctions I said screw it and when through wiitracker and wiihunter to find one. I ended up spending a bit more than I cared to for a system that came with 7 games. 5 of the games though are top notch according to gamespot.com. The other two will be probably be given to my nieces for them to play. I am keeping Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Brawl, Monkey Ball, and whatever the other two were. They escape me at this point.

Of course having made known my attempts to acquire a Wii, I did get a phone call from a friend on Sunday saying they had them at Best Buy. On Monday, another friend mentioned they had them at Target and they may be able to sell me one. I went from no Wii to multiple Wii. It could have been Wii Wii all the way home! Ok, I apologize for that one.

The lineup for the Rock Stage at Summerfest has come out. Nothing too exciting there either. Summerfest looks to be on the weak side for a person that likes hard rock. It isn't a total loss but the headliners just are not that interesting. Glad I haven't bought a lot of tickets to get in. Slight chance I only head down to the lakefront a couple times.

On a more positive note, Drinking for Jesus revs up this weekend at Immaculate Heart of Mary. Friday night has the Rhythm Method on stage with Saturday featuring Cherry Pie. Not a bad way to kick off the church festival season.

Stock was up 2 cents. I am still working.

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Will you be dancing again?