Thursday, May 01, 2008

Up, up and away in my beautiful balloon

I had a pretty wild dream last night. I am contemplating whether to submit it to BG for analysis as I cannot make heads or tails of it. There is no sexual theme here so I apologize in advance for anyone looking for something juicy.

My dream starts with me and my friend Annette in the first leg of the
Amazing Race. After completing the first task, we arrive at an area where
we have to wait for a hot air balloon to arrive. For fans of the show,
this is not a roadblock or detour, just a place where we had to wait for
transportation and that transportation happened to be a balloon. We were
the third team to arrive at this "station" and stood in the pen with the other
two teams. We talked about the team that was in first place, wondering how
they got so far ahead of us. In the distance we see the other team
parachuting off of the balloon to the ground as they get further ahead of

Just as we see their parachutes disappear, the balloon is back to pick us
up. Because me and Annette are right by the entrance, we jump onto the
balloon thinking the others are following right behind us. There was no
talk of who was getting on the balloon first so we jumped on. Just after I
jump into the gondola, the balloon takes off! The guy operating the
balloon jumps aboard and we are off. We ask him why he didn't wait for the
others and he tells us that a rat was trying to jump into the basket and he
couldn't have that. I look at Annette and tell her the others are going to
hate us. They will think we stole the ride just to get ahead.

The balloon operator tells us to hang on and enjoy the ride.
Suddenly, the gondola appears to be gone and we are holding on to the
supports. We aren't really in danger even though we fly very low to
the ground. We are cruising just above intersections and
restaurants. It is huge adrenaline rush as we going cruising over a
carnival. The balloon pilot is good at what he does.

But suddenly he laughs and goes through an open door right into a
casino. We are flying feet first past banks of slot machines and blackjack
tables. I look up wondering how the balloon is dragging on the light
fixtures above just to see there is no balloon anymore. We make our way
through the casino and into the lobby when we suddenly slow down. The
pilot mentions he has a problem and we land on our feet. The guy is
holding something that looks like a flashlight, but apparently is some kind of
engine that was propelling us. He tries to fire it up and has no

We walk out of the casino into what appears to be an Italian village.
My friend Annette takes then balloon and engine and checks the batteries.
She yells to a person in a house to give her some D cells. The person
yells something back in Italian and they begin to argue, all in Italian.

At that point the dream simply ends. Guess we didn't win the race.

Stock update. Apparently some investors didn't think the earning report was good enough and the stock dropped 23 cents yesterday. I am actually happy with the results and quite glad the stock did not get slaughtered like the early indicators suggested. Revenues were quite good and the backlog increased. I am still doing well. Retirement plans are back, baby!

Of course, being the masochist I am, I am pissed at myself again. One stock that I had owned in the past and could have repurchased around 19 5 weeks ago just shot above 30 today. Such a simple concept that is making money and I am not along for the ride. A second stock that I have been following and swore I would buy when it dipped below 20 again is up 4 today on earnings news. Sometimes missed profits hurt more than making money. Being right matters only when you increase the bankroll.

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OMW said...

dreams Do Not mean anything. It is just your subconcious remember things from your past and putting them together haphazardly.
A)you watch reality shows(why?)
B) there was a question about parachuting during trivia.
C) you wanna do Annette? (I haven't meant her so I ca't comment further)
D) you gamble/are going to Vegas soon.
E) you've seen tyhe ads for the 'fleshlight'.