Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Keep the finger to yourself

The other day some friends of mine were discussing a certain Milwaukee Brewer ticket promotion. For just a couple minutes of your time, they would do a test and you would receive 2 tickets to an upcoming game. Apparently that event was held yesterday, attracting 500 people, including one intrepid reporter.

To say it is a test is a tad misleading. It is in fact a prostate exam. The cost of having a guy stick his finger up my butt is apparently 2 Terrace Level seats. Sure men should have the test done to avoid cancer, but to stand in parking lot with 500 other men, knowing exactly what is going to happen is kinda strange. I don't know if I am ready for that. Plus, my butt is an exit only.

Nice to see the Brewers hang on last night. To think Ben Sheets would give up 7 walks and still get a win is amazing. Extra bonus because it was against the Scrubbies!

Stock was down yesterday. 8 cents. Earnings were released. They were below expectations because of a compensation plan. Otherwise they were above. Stock was weak yesterday after hours. All my profit could be wiped away. Blood is flowing this morning. Looks like I work until I am 83.

I have to go. Need to find a way to kill the geese that have decided to roost outside the windows. Damn things won't shut up!


OMW said...

I was there,
Two tickets to a brewers game just to have some guy stick a finger up your ass? How could you go wrong.

James Wigderson said...

We already had the Brewers up our ass. It's called, having season tickets during the 1990s.