Friday, May 09, 2008

Your mama

Mother's Day is upon us.

Even if you don't own a calendar you would realize it by all the stupid commercials being played. Just like Valentine's Day, you can only show mom love by buying her certain gifts. In fact, I think most of the Valentine themed commercials have been recycled, just changing the holiday and a couple words to make it fit.


What I have learned is that you can only show your mom how much you care and appreciate her by buying her a Rolex. If you don't, you hate your mother. Unless you are shopping at JC Penny's of course because they have been supposedly reminding us about Sunday for the last month.

Or by buying her a new cell phone. Really people. Who is the marketing genius who thinks everyone should get their mother the latest Razr phone? Hell, my mother wouldn't know how to answer the damn thing, let alone use it to text some other old lady or listen to music.

There is one radio commercial in particular that gets me going. I am not even sure what the product is. Probably a cell phone. The mom gets chocolates and flowers from her kids. She proceeds to bitch about the chocolates because she is on a diet and whines about the flowers and her allergies. She gets bitchy because her kids gave her traditional gifts. WTF? Whose mother acts like a 5 year old kid about the gift they have received on Mother's Day? If my mom would bitch about what I gave her as a present, I would simply walk out.

The weekend looks to be cold. And I am not necessarily talking about the Brewers bats either. The losing streak is putting a damper on a lot of fans right now. But it is way early in the season. They have plenty of time to bounce back. This weekend looks like a good time to start.

It is also time to start mowing the lawn. If it isn't shoveling it is cutting the grass. I know the mower will start so I just need to add some oil. I probably should get some weed and feed sprayed on too. The Creeping Charlie looks to be back.

Stock was up 20 cents yesterday. Market looks ugly today. I need a beer.

Finally, from the WTF? This cannot be real department: 3 accused of using corpse head to smoke pot. Wow! Uh guys. I don't believe that is why they call those stores "head shops".

Rock on with your bad selfs this weekend!


J. Gambino said...

I agree about the Brew Crew. It is a marathon, not a sprint. Patience. That "pothead" thing is nasty. Man, strangest thing I ever smoked pot out of was a pumpkin. Just made me crave pumpkin pie instead.

AletaR said...

Pick & Save has a ham meal deal if you're shopping for Mothers Day