Monday, May 12, 2008

On a train again

It is rare for me to take a train. Funny how I would be on a train twice within a week. Last week it was a trip from Penn Station in NYC down to the Newark airport. Today it was from the Milwaukee airport down to Chicago. I was off for a one day seminar, learning more of stuff for work.

I thought about catching the train downtown but decided to hit the airport. Parking would be better and it was slightly closer. Only thing I had forgotten was how easy it would be to find a seat on the train. Get on at the beginning of the line and you have no problems. Get in on the way and you have to deal with all the unsociables who have their bags on the seat next to them, hoping no one will sit down. It took walking through 3 cars to find a spot.

Thankfully the seminar was not boring. It was paced well with breaks every hour. Then they fed us some Mexican food that was ok. Some cheese wrapped tortillas with a mole, some Spanish rice, and both steak and chicken fajitas. For dessert was a rich chocolate cake. Damn that cake was good.

When things get slow at the seminar, I started watching the people. I couldn't believe this guy in front of me actually took out some nail clippers and did his nails. Somewhat rude if you ask me. A number of cell phones went off as well. But the best was picking out what people left at lunch. I had a bet going with my co-worker on who was going to ditch. I had a sure thing in the gruff looking old guy I noticed packing before halftime. A cinch. She took the bitchy lady from the south and lost. Ship it!

I won again when the seminar ended 15 minutes early. That made the difference between taking a 3:15 train and a 5:08 train. Uncrowded vs packed train. Very nice to have a nice easy trip back.

There is something about going into Chicago for just the day. You get to experience a big city and all that is different with it, but also get to sleep in your own bed. Plus it is much nicer to not have to pay $6 for a bottle of beer.

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