Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Discriminating bastards

I read today that the city of Madison had banned cheap alcohol products in certain districts. I read this feeling happy that I don't live in that screwed up city. I am barely happy I live in my own screwed up city. But to ban cheap booze so the bums can't get it. Really? That is your answer? Isn't this a bit discriminatory? This just seems wrong. Would they do something like this to black or gay people? Of course not. I would love to see all of these alcoholic bums march on the capital. That would be a sight to see. Hell, they aren't really don't anything better beside getting their drink on.

The real problem seem to be that the drunks are a nuisance. They are rude when panhandling and people fear they may get abusive. Hell, just send the Badger football team to the area and let them bust some skulls. That should get them to stop.

The solution they have proposed will not work. The bums will simply migrate to adjoining neighborhoods when the ban is not in effect. They will get drunk in a new neighborhood. They could call it a summer vacation.

Or it is possible the bums may pool their money and simply buy a 6 pack. I bet the smart aldermen didn't think the dumb bums would think this one through. If I was a business owner I would even encourage them to do that. I would create a bum waiting room, an area where they could congregate and pool their funds so they afford a couple bottles of MD 20/20 and make the purchase.

I am surprised that the city council didn't decide to gather all the hobos up and ship them to Milwaukee.

Meanwhile in the Beer City, they want to raise taxes to fund the parks and public transit. Let's about making the people that use the resources pay more? I don't ride the bus. It isn't a viable option for me. So why should I help pay the fare of those who do? They should follow the simple business model. If it isn't paying for itself, then do away with the routes that do not generate revenue. I should not be forced to pay for something I do not use. Are these people paying part of my gas bill each month?

If they want the money, they should go do a fund raiser. Seriously. What is to stop any of these city workers from going out and selling candy bars, cookies, pizzas, etc. to help raise money for parks or buses?

Ok, maybe I am cranky because the stock was down 2 cents yesterday. My gut feeling was to sell the calls 3 weeks ago but I got greedy. Now my big profit is just a nice profit. But it is all potential until next week. Then I will probably sell early just to watch it take off again. Been there, done that.

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AletaR said...

Hmmm. I thought all the hoods were already in Milwaukee.