Friday, June 20, 2008

6 hours

6 hours.

6 hours until some freedom.

6 hours until I can let loose all the stress of the week.

It has been a rough week. Work took over for the most part until it tagged in alcohol to go for the pin. At least I accomplished quite a bit over the last 4 days so it isn't a total loss. I just need a weekend to decompress and relax.

Good thing I am heading out to the Bong for a weekend away.

It was another 10 hours at work yesterday. Some of you may do it on a continual basis (props to you) but I do not. I give 8.5-9 hours and am good with that. Anything more leaves me beat. Thus it sucked to get home thinking I could toss some chicken, onions, and green peppers in the wok and enjoy a nice stir fry for dinner, but instead found the chicken I had thawed out looked pretty disgusting. For once I did not cut it up and think the cooking would take care of it. I tossed it right into the garbage and settled for a burger. I may have to work those peppers and onions into the pork shoulder I will make on Sunday when I get home.

A Guinness would taste good right about now. That is a morning beer, right?

Stock update: Stock did little over the last two days, gaining about 20 cents to get back to 8.25. Last day of the holding period for me so I can sell next week to capture whatever profit is left. The other stock I liked moved up already but may settle down. There should be some good news coming out over the next month or so. Just over 15 but worth 19-20, and can run in short time. I may have to swap them out next week.

Hope everyone goes out and parties their balls off. Or if you prefer, spend some time with the wife/husband and kids. Whatever makes you happy, do it. Life is too short to be caught up with work or investments to ignore those around you.

Rock on with your bad selfs!


Blonde said...

Yes, Guinness is the breakfast of champions.

I'm getting fucking loaded tonight. It is the end of the quarter & business is in the shitter. My portfolio is in the shitter too. The only solution is to get tanked at the sausagefest Pearl Jam concert tonight.

Rock on.

AletaR said...

I shall enjoy my weekend with my friends (and husband) We'll have a cold one waiting for you.