Thursday, June 05, 2008

Drink to me only...

I hadn't packed for my trip today. Being a guy means it will take only 10 minutes top. Toss in underwear, shorts, clean shirts and you are done. Zip up the bag and go get a beer.

I also hadn't looked at the weather forecast. It is Las Vegas. I know the forecast. Hot. But with the weather all kinds of crappy- the thunderstorms haven't rolled out quite yet- I took a peak at what I was getting into. In the 90s all weekend. With abundant sunshine. Abundant sunshine. I probably shouldn't mention the rain that is suppose to fall this weekend in Milwaukee. It wouldn't be nice. Oops.

Going out to party with all my imaginary internet friends. It may be a smaller group but it is still a bunch of people that know how to have a good time. To gamble it up, drink it down, and wonder how the hell it became 10 am so quickly.

I have a number of minor items to finish up. Finish packing. Flight is not for 7 hours so I need to kill time. Run to bank to get money. Check to make sure all bills that are due have been paid. Check credit cards to make sure a don't experience a surprise in case I lose a bet and end up buying one really expensive dinner out there. Check casino player cards to make sure I have the right ones. Get to airport an hour before departure. Enjoy beer at bar. Simple.

The entertainment on the flight will be the Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox story. Or possibly season 2 of the Wire. Back up reading will be Take Me to the River.

Once I arrive it is a quick monorail ride and taxi to the Hooters Hotel and Casino. From there I may gamble a bit before hopefully meeting up with Pauly for a couple of beers at the Rio. If you are not reading Pauly or his poker blog, the Tao of Poker, you are really missing out on good stuff. Go there. Now!

This vacation time comes at a good moment. There has been a shakeup at work that has been there 10 hours a day lately. My assistant is bitching and moaning more than ever. I am sick of dealing with someone who doesn't have the balls to talk with you when she has a problem. I don't like it when they go bitching to supervisors instead of hammering issues out. I don't have to worry because my boss is on my side just like my previous supervisor was. He thought a lot of the bullshit was just that, bullshit. But now he sees what he has to deal with and it is not making him happy. I am trying to make a good impression and grab a promotion and him having to deal with a whiner does not help. At least I know what I need to do.

I am only 6 hours and 45 minutes before departure. Ah, Las Vegas. How does one not have fun there?

Stock update: Down 12 cents yesterday. Meh. Hopefully I come back on Monday and find it above 10 bucks.

Have a good weekend everyone and rock on with your bad selfs!


AletaR said...

Leave the whiner behind and have a good trip!

J. Gambino said...

Maybe you can pick up the whiner some balls in Vegas? Forget about everything and enjoy yourself. Win big.

Blonde said...

have a blast in Vegas!! I am jealous! I love Dean Martin and hearing this song made me smile :). Be sure to give Carmen a big smooch and a slap on the ass for me!

Time to fire the whiner. I don't tolerate whining or bullshit. All the energy people waste on whining and bullshit, they could get things done. Fuck em, she needs to go.

Las Vegas Hotel said...

Leave the whiner behind and do your thing, you deserve it. I dealt with a whiner and I told her to shut up. No promotions for her. Have fun, gamble, don't remember some nights and come back with conversations about buffets.