Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Sign here please

I have been busy at work lately. An old timer has left which means more duties for me. More duties means more responsibilities which means more accountability which means a promotion which means more money for me. Well not now at least. That should change but in time.

One of the changes that has occurred requires me to approve and officially sign off on items for the division. These items are filed with the government and are usually reviewed on site when they come calling. These forms are in addition to many other internal reports and statements that have either my signature or my initials. It has gotten to the point where an electronic signature has been created to speed up the process.

It got me to many documents in this company (including the previous firm they acquired that I had worked for) have my signature or initials on them? I would say it has to be over 50,000. Seriously, it is that many. If I add in my previous work experience, it is way over 100,000. Granted most of these documents are not of any meaning but a good chunk of them are. Anything that has my name on it makes me responsible for its content and I am not one to just chuck my name on any piece of paper.

It makes me wonder what happens in the future. Does anyone ever look at these papers? Will they ever wonder who I was when they look at my name? I doubt it. But in a strange way, I have left my mark on the world.

Stock update: My stock got hammered on Monday, down 55 cents. That felt like a swift kick to the junk. But a rebound yesterday eased the pain as we got right back above 9.50. Not much to do but sit back and wait for time to expire. Hopefully the company has some good news to report and a new run begins.

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