Friday, June 13, 2008

Rain and Hooters

The storms came rumbling on through yesterday, pouring inches of rain on the area and knocking out power for many. It all started in the afternoon when the BCP people at work started worrying about the heavy winds that were coming. They were getting word out that we may have to move to the basement until the storm passed. Well, there were no heavy winds- nor old hags on a bike turning into witches- and the day went on with some rain. I thought I was going to be able to have an easy drive home but that changed with a huge downpour. At one point I could barely see the car 10 feet in front of me. It was that bad.

The rain seemed to subside for the rest of the evening. There were some quiet hours. That changed as it got dark and the rain coupled with thunder and lightening made for a noisy night. My cat wasn't too happy about it. He seemed rather upset by the noise. Any time a good crack of lightening hit he would jump. Later, I would be woken up by lightening and I could hear the cat go running out of the bedroom. At first I thought my house was hit. I thought it may have hit the tenant's porch. I looked around and didn't smell smoke or hear any panic from above so I went back to sleep. Didn't sleep much as the noise outside kept coming and going.

I will feel better after a couple cups of coffee. Speaking of which, I noticed that they simply do not serve a bad cup of coffee in Vegas. In every coffee shop I have eaten in, the coffee has always been very good.

One last thing to mention about Vegas. People have asked me where I stayed this past week. When I tell them Hooters they chuckle a bit and then ask how the place is and whether I would stay there again. I liked it. The place isn't big, the room was nice even though I wanted a nonsmoking room and was given one or at least a room that someone had been smoking in. Having a safe in the room is always a plus for me. The casino is cozy with lots of action during the day and night. It would be nice for a couple more table games going in the morning when I would be more prone to play. The slot selection was good enough for an ADD player like myself. The diner was good and of course, having a Hooters in the place is always a good thing in my book. Funny, I didn't eat a single wing while I was there opting for a burger instead. Also, good beer selection in the Hooters restaurant.

With the place being across the street from MGM you can always get on the monorail to head north. It is a short walk if you don't want to take a cab. So if you are going to stay there, plan to walk a bit or take taxis to where you want to go. For the rate I got on the rooms, I would stay again.

Stock update: After spending time in the mid 8 range, it fought its way back to 9 bucks yesterday. But it is going to be a rough one today. Downgrade from a major wire house. Early morning action is down 50 cents. Ouch!

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