Thursday, June 12, 2008

I need the sun

The weather in Vegas was beautiful. Warm but not too hot. Basically in the 90s most of the time. You could go for a nice walk in the morning and feel the sun on your arms, comforting you as you walked down the strip. It was a fantastic change from the cool spring weather I was experiencing here at home.

In constrast, all hell was breaking loose while I was gone. Lots of rain and flooding. Homes and streets flooding. Damns breaking and entire lakes disappearing down the river. Pretty crappy weather.

It is a strange thing. When I go to Vegas, there is usually a lot of rain back home. This phenomena hadn't occcurred in recent years but a couple years back it happened 3 years in a row. I would go to Vegas and come back to hear horror stories of how much rain fell and what creeks and streams overflowed into people houses or how sewers backed up. One year I came back to find houses just down the block having been flooded when the sewer backed up. Or worse, how a brewery had to go out of business because of the back to back flood years. Sad day.

My house has been fine. Years ago I had a problem because my roof was bad but ever since I have been dry. I am perched on the top of the block so all the water runs right past my house and my basement stays good. With more rain coming today, I hope my luck continues.

I noticed a couple strange things in Vegas this time around. It seems that some hotels may have pared back on their parking valets. I noticed how the Imperial Palace had no one working outside directing cabs in and out of their screwed up entrance. Hooters had some on early but not towards midnight. Same at the Rio. Only saw an attendant once. I wonder why that is?

And if the parking staff has disappeared, apparently the janitorial staff went first. It seemed like most of the restrooms were kinda disgusting. After I have my eggs and chicken fried steak washed down with coffee for breakfast, I usually am requiring a stop right away. My mouth and taste buds may like eggs and coffee but digestive system doesn't want anything to do with that combo hanging around. Add in the coffee and it can be a bigger issue. I am only asking a major resort to keep the toilets clean. Easily the majority of these places were simply not. The Sahara has cigarette ashes on the seats. The IP had puke encrusted on one. The Rio had urine and possibly feces (I don't know as I thought I would puke) on them. The only places that was clean was the Wynn and Hooters.

Long day ahead at work. Damn west coaster may have me here until 6. Depending on how the day goes, I may have to head straight to the bar.

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AletaR said...

Hmmm.. somethings fishy. You-Vegas /Home-floods. Careful, I think they're getting close to uncovering your little scheme.