Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Baseball rich, wallet poor

It is becoming like clockwork now. Check the baseball scores and send a friendly text to my friend in Chicago. I am sure DP loves getting the simple message. CUBS LOSE!

I can hear him bitching when his phone goes off and he sees the text from me. I bet he doesn't even read it. Just deletes it right away, already knowing what the message is. So far it looks to be a repeat of last year. Only the roles are reversed.

There is still plenty of baseball left to be played. The Brewers are still one game behind and they have a big homestand with Chicago and Houston coming up. Miller Park will be nuts, especially if they can take this series from St. Louis. I hope they bolster security next week as their could be a lot of fights with the sCrUB fans in town.

As I have said before, Brewers fans need to enjoy it. Winning the division would be great but making the playoffs is what matters most. I just like seeing people finally backing this baseball team. Wearing the shirts, the caps, and getting excited to watch them in the bar. It also reminds me of the news story in the beginning of the year of the putz who dropped his season tickets because they "broke his heart" last year. Moron!


I had a strange feeling on Monday. As I grabbed my money clip and headed out to work, I noticed I had no cash. None. Not a single dollar bill on me. It was a strange feeling. I don't know the last time I was walking around without any money on me. It may be over a decade. I have yet to get any cash at a TYME machine (there is some Milwaukee lingo for you). I will have gone 3 days without any money on me. That streak stops tonight because I will need money at the bar. Sure I could charge drinks and a tip but I believe in keeping the people who supply booze to you happy. That means tipping in cash so they don't have to wrestle with a machine.

Finally, a follow up on my dilemman with Midwest Airlines. I was able to view my reservation online today. I do have a direct flight out of Las Vegas. Yes! But I think they bumped me up on my departure. I will need to check my itinerary at home. I am pretty sure I had an afteroon flight, not first thing in the morning.

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donkeypuncher said...

The worst part is that I'm in California right now and get those messages at 5:30AM. Bastard!