Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This is gonna piss off some people

"So T.O. is nice, huh?"

T.O. nice guy? Good athlete, big benefit to the Dallas Cowboys- so far. And now nice guy? Hard to believe.

There is a big kerfuffle (kerfuffle? did I really type kerfuffle? how did that word pop into my head?) in Milwaukee with Midwest Airlines trimming back their flight routes. First they announced they were not going to have direct flights to the west coast from Milwaukee. They rattled off cities like Los Angeles, Seattle, San Diego, none of concern to me. As long as they didn't mention Las Vegas I was good.

Today I noticed they also changed their schedule for the cities they are going to continue to serve. Uh oh. My December trip to Vegas could be messed with. Not good.

I went online and checked my account. Nothing funky. Click on My Reservation button and get a nice little message saying there is a change. Aw fuck! It won't tell me what the change is but says I should call a number. Hmm...the same number a bunch of other people are complaining that they cannot get through on. Nice! For shits and giggles I try anyway. Busy.

I did some sleuthing on my own. It would appear they have two flights going out and just one direct coming back. The other may be operated by Northwest and going through Indianapolis. My flight to Vegas is good. My flight coming back is the one in jeopardy. It was just past noon which meant I could sleep in on Monday or get some more gambling in before leaving. Now I have to try and get on flight just before 10 to catch the direct flight or be stuck in Indy for a couple of hours.

What is the over/under on how long it takes for me to get through to a human being at Midwest?

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