Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Brett Favre acts like a 13 year old girl

Everyone knows my love for the Dallas Cowboys. Over the years I have gotten a lot of shit from people because of my devotion. Most of it has come from Packer fans, mainly in the 90s. Thus, like other fans of other teams, I find the whole Brett Favre issue to be quite funny. The fact that he is begging to talk to the team about reversing his retirement and they don't want him back is hilarious.

But it gets better. It isn't like he is picking up the phone and calling GM Ted Thompson to speak about playing one more year. He is picking up the phone and texting him. Does he always act like a 13 year old girl during negotiation?

I can picture it now...

Favre picks up his Blackberry and types a message in to Thompson: cn I
play 4 yr team agn :)

Thompson- who supposedly is on vacation
but most likely hiding in his office- see his phone buzz and looks down to see
he has received a text from Favre. He mutters "What does this old fart want now?
Can I play for your team? WTF?!?!? Damn it, he said he was retiring! Just go
away old man! Screw this!" Thompson begins to type "I am on

Favre texts back: QL!!! whr DdU go?

Thompson cannot believe he has another text. "Fuck!" He figures it is
best to be far away so he texts back "I am in Hawaii on a

Favre, feeling lonely without his team tries to suck up
and responds: I bet u l%k gud in swim trunks- No homo.

Thompson, exasperated, throws his phone at the wall after
receiving the last message.

And the drama isn't over yet. There will be more to this story. I would not be surprised if you see Favre playing for another team this season.

In other football news, the Pittsburgh Steelers are being shopped. They say the value of the team is about 1.2 billion dollars. Hmm...isn't the new Cowboys stadium worth that?

I managed to put a dent in the stuff I didn't do this past weekend. No sooner did I finish posting about mowing the lawn and the rain that was to come than it did just that. Rained. It didn't just rain, it rained like a mother fucker! Got dark and came down heavy. The south side must not have gotten hit as hard because by the time I got home, the grass had dried out. Thus I did get the lawn cut. As I pushed the mower, I had some laundry going. That was half the battle. Hopefully I can get a haircut tonight and get the food shopping done. Man was I glad to find some waffles in the freezer last night. With the heat, I was wiped out after going for a ride and cutting the grass.

So tonight I can get caught up from the weekend. And then prepare for this coming weekend. It should be one to remember.

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