Monday, July 07, 2008

Time to Hart NY

It has been an interesting week for the Brew Crew. Time to make it even more interesting. Go vote for Corey Hart now!

The Brewers are on a helluva streak right now and it is taking a toll on the fans. From the heartbreaker on Thursday to a sweep of the Pirates, fans are really getting into it once again. It is more noticeable than last year and twenty times as so 5 years ago. It used to be the game wasn't even on at some bars. If it was, no one paid much attention. The game could end with a Brewers victory and few would notice. Now everyone begins to clap and raise glasses after a win. That is so much better.

Now with the addition of CC Sabathia, the Brew Crew is going to make a push to earn a playoff spot. The Cubs are beginning to choke. That 7 1/2 game lead is down to 3 1/2. A solid homestand could see the Brewers in first place. Let's hope this trade is the beginning of something good. Word is that Tuesday's tickets- Sabathia's first start- are going quickly. He definately will receive a warm Milwaukee welcome.

Ok, stop reading this and go vote for Hart right now! We pushed Braun from 4th to 1st (Fukowhat?) last week. This week we get Hart a spot on the roster!


donkeypuncher said...

I'll show you a choke.

Zambrano and Soriano will be back and Hendry is expected to pick up a pitcher (Harden?) so Brewers fans will continue to weep as they look at the standings.

StB said...

The sCrubs hold on first place is just like Costanza in a pool. Shrinking.

OMW said...