Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I slogged through work yesterday. I thought lunch would help but it only seemed to give me a stomach ache. That would continue throughout the night causing me to toss and turn. I didn’t sleep well. I felt somewhat better this morning but my stomach still feels like there is a rock in it.

It is possible I have some other concerns. My boss may be tied into jury duty this week which may translate into me leading a training presentation on Thursday. As it is I will be speaking but if he cannot get out of jury duty I will be doing the whole show. The material isn’t hard to cover. A little practice on Wednesday night and my comfort level with it will rise.

The real issue is the people in attendance. Some big shots are required to sit in and that has my boss worried. He has already given advice on practicing the presentation, to make sure the timing is right and what to wear. I will have to take a look at my suits to determine which one to go with. I already took a look at my shirts and came to the realization I need new shirts. I have a small problem with having to wear a suit for the presentation because if I recall correctly from last year, no one in the audience was wearing a suit. They were all casual. I don’t believe I wore a suit for my part last year either.

Because the meeting is one of the first items on the agenda Thursday it means no drinking or trivia on Wednesday. Somehow my friends will have to get all the sports answers correct without me. There is no way I could get through an hour with even a slight hangover.

I think my brother had a kid the other weekend. Not positive as I haven’t heard anything. Best part is that suits me fine. I have no interest in seeing a baby, to hearing everyone coo over it and say how beautiful it is even if it may be hideous. That is one thing that really irks me. People saying how pretty a baby is when it is ugly.

Plus my gut is to feel sorry for this kid. He has already been cursed by being given a last name for a first name. I just hope they do something sensible with the middle name so people can call him by a nickname like CJ or DJ. Then again his mother may not allow that. She has rules for her house so I would expect there to be rules for the kid. Actually, there are rules for the kid before it was born. I truly expect to go to their house for a holiday and find this 4 year old kid walking around with a bike helmet, knee pads and elbow pads so he can’t hurt himself just in case he falls. Hopefully my brother can be the voice of reason and let a kid be a kid.


Anonymous said...

i hate it when people use a last name for a child's first name. like cooper or hunter. lame. just. lame.
- regular reader

Anonymous said...

When I see an ugly baby I keep my mouth shut. I may say awwww but that's it.
devout reader

AletaR said...

Don't wear your shirt with the hole in it.