Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So disappointed.

I was so disappointed as I walked out of the stadium last night. The Brewers were bad. Very bad. Nothing was working for them and it was leaving me- and thousands of other fans- very disheartened. The joy we had felt a week ago had made a 180 on us. We quickly fell from the highs of victory to the despair of defeat. Worse yet, the Cubs fans who were panicking about their team now are confident. The combination of your team’s pathetic performance and your rival’s joy strikes deep down in the soul of a fan. A pain that is hard to describe but understood by your brethren around the ball field.

There are still two months of baseball left. Lots of time. It would be good to see the Brewers bounce back tonight. I hope they feel the pain of embarrassing themselves like they did last night. The series is not lost. We can still get a split. I hope to see them come out angry and rally behind Manny Parra.

It is bad enough to watch your team flop around the field but do so in a humid environment sucks even more. I was sweating my balls off last night. The air temp wasn’t too bad but there were areas in Miller Park where there was no circulation of air. They have installed some fans in the lower concourse but those areas were packed with people. There wasn’t enough beer in the building to cool me down. That is another bad thing about that heat. You had to drink your beer a little faster just to prevent it from getting warm. Plus you ran the risk of a vendor who just restocked and is serving beer that is barely cool.

Boss is in town today and tomorrow. That means no boozing or trivia for me tonight. Must be in good shape tomorrow. I will probably go stir crazy and blurt out random answers at home as I watch the ball game.

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where is your trivia game?