Monday, July 14, 2008

Two levels of stupidity

I just had a great weekend in Chicago. Took in a couple nights days of hardcore drinking, a ball game, a lesbian bar, and some flat out stupidity. Now I am back at work to deal with more stupidity but not of the fun kind.

In fact I will bring you two levels of stupidity today. Work and the Green Bay Packers.

First work. I forgot to send out an email on Thursday before leaving. I then should have sent it from home or made a phone call on Friday but didn't. The message was for someone to keep an eye on a certain program while I was out. It will pop out an alert that you need to research and respond to. Takes about 2 minutes to take care of, if there is a request. If. There may be 10 requests in a given week. Maybe 10. Thus you let the program run in the background and respond as necessary. On Friday, there were 3, all before noon CST. 2 came at once from one person. A total of about 6 minutes, maybe 15 if you are slow.

Apparently some people were upset that I didn't send out the email. In the words of my boss, they were "pissed". Really? Pissed off because you didn't get an email? First off, I am not trying to pass the blame here. I take full responsibility for not sending out a reminder. However, why would someone get mad because they were asked at the last minute to run a program and respond if necessary. They got pissed off about that? Don't they have other things that matter more than being asked to keep respond to an alert if it came up?

My boss is giving me shit for letting this happen. I have a feeling he doesn't understand the process and how minimal it is. Someone is overreacting to the situation. I am not sure if it is my boss or someone else who is being a pansy. Funny thing is they should know I am out. We have a department calendar that clearly states I will be out of the office. Am I the only one who would think, "Hey, I see Bob isn't in yet. Is he late or does he have the day off? I will check...oh, yes he is out. I guess I should keep an eye on this program." At least I am not part of the "Oh, Bob is out. That fucker! Why didn't he tell me. Now I have to log in and let this program run as I do all of my other work. I may have to stop what I am doing to respond. I will never get that two minutes of my life back. Oh wait, I am not as bright at Bob so it takes me 5 minutes to do the same thing because I am an idiot. Oooo! Cookies!" crowd.

I still cannot believe someone got ticked off because they didn't get an email asking them to do something that takes very little effort to do. Sure it is the act but still, why get pissed off? Too many times people get away with bitching about nothing. I am to put a stop to it.

The other bit of stupidity involves the Green Bay Packers and their- not everyone's- favorite quarterback. I listened to Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, and Minnesota Vikings fans laugh their asses off about Favre's actions this weekend. The NFC North was loving the fight. Face it Packer fans, the team is right about this one. Favre made a decision and should stick by it instead of jerking the team around. Flip side, the team should give him his release. Or trade him. Either way, you have stated Rogers is your QB. Do the right thing.

I hear this morning about the fans who held a rally in the Lambeau Field parking lot. All 100 of them. Yep, only 100. And they did it on a Sunday. Who is the bright guy who thought of that? They want GM Ted Thompson to hear their voices and displeasure. So they go out on a Sunday, during summer, and walk around the parking lot. How many people were working in the Packer offices on Sunday? My guess may be 3 tops. They are called the janitorial staff. Worse yet, these clowns say them may do it again this Sunday in Milwaukee. Sheesh people. Get a life. Read the article. I don't know which is funnier, the guy wearing a Santana Dotson jersey to a Favre rally (is he the only Packer fan who doesn't wear a Favre jersey with the number 4 worn down from too many spins in the dryer) or the fan who claims she would become a Bears fan if Favre went to Chicago. Yep, real Packers fan there.

I will get a weekend recap up later. Pics and one funny line from Bobby Bracelet.

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