Monday, July 14, 2008

Rooftop baseball

On Saturday morning, DP looked at me and said "You are not going to wear that shirt." I scoffed and promptly put the Milwaukee Brewers cap on my head to go with the nice navy blue Brewers shirt I had on. I was about to walk in the den of the desperate, my enemy's lair, and I was not going to go unnoticed. This Brewers fan will show his colors where he wants.

The scene was not that piece of crap stadium Wrigley Field, but the street behind it at Beyond the Ivy. We had access to one of the rooftops to watch the game, a view that is unmatched in baseball. The staff at Beyond the Ivy was great. Friendly and humorous. They naturally gave me some shit for the Brewers shirt. As I walked in, the guy looked at my shirt and asked what I was doing in Chicago. I naturally told him I was there to raise the IQ of the crowd by a hundred points. He laughed and we talked about the current race. I would repeat the scene with one of the beer guys. He took it in stride as well, probably cuz I continually tipped him. For the cost of entry, Beyond the Ivy gave us free beer, food, and ice cream. All you wanted until the end of the 7th. Not a bad deal. I would go back as well as highly recommend Beyond the Ivy. Professionals all the way!

Ok, onto some pics. I am not the photographer in the world. Of course I wish I had gotten some more shots- like inside the place- but I did get some good views.

The first stop is the porch on the second floor. This is right outside the first bar/food service area. It gives a good idea where we were in relation to the field and the ground. The food being served was pretty good. I didn't each that much. I had an Italian sausage before the game. In about the second inning I had a Chicago style hot dog. First time I had one with all the fixings. Damn good! Later I would get some ribs. If there are ribs being served, I am getting some!

When you go up to the roof, you come across the famed bleachers. Just find some opening and sit on down.

On top you can get a good look at the field as well as all the other rooftops. These building seem to be worth a gold mine. Every place looks packed. It also appears that each one has their own amenities. Like the TV on the one next to us.

I couldn't help but wonder what kind of view the roof on the right had. Couldn't be that good. But what really bothered me was the egg. See the McDonalds sign in the background. That white thing is an opened egg. I am not sure what was inside but I do know later on it would be closed. Why is that? I asked a bunch of people and know one knew the story on the egg.

The view from about 6 rows from the top. Pretty good. You get a good view of everything that is happening on each pitch.

A close up. No matter how I tried I could not get this guy's big head out of the picture. I guess I should have asked big head to move it aside.

That is Todd. He was along for the ride. Note sure if that was a I-am-watching-a-ballgame grin or a I-am-resting-on-a-boob grin.

Later a trip to the lesbian bar*! This bar was down the street from DP's house. He says it used to be a lesbian bar. From the look of the patrons inside, it still is. The bar is under new ownership and she seemed pretty cool. It was a nice place to stop in and have a couple beers at the end of the night. Hell, we could care less who was in the bar as long as they didn't mind us being in there as well. Like them, we just wanted a drink.

*Last time I mentioned lesbians in a post, a lesbian website linked to me as a basher. It was apparent that they hadn't read the post as I didn't do any lesbian bashing, just like in this post. So please lesbian website, no hate links, ok?


J. Gambino said...

Of course it is still a lesbian bar. Hellooo... Lizards? Tongues? DUH!

Drizztdj said...

I heart lesbians and drunks playing darts for money :)

Joe Speaker said...

I will stab drizz with a dart next time I see him.

This post is useless without Face Boner pics.