Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bad day for Bigfoot too

I had a rough day yesterday. From the moment I woke up to the time I went to sleep it was a series of annoyances. Right now I blame my cat. I really wanted to punt him across the house yesterday. He started whining around 5am and wouldn't stop. When I got home from work, more whining. When I went to bed, more whining. He had food, water, clean litter. What else did this little bastard want? Work dragged on and I ended up staying an extra hour. Then I got caught up in traffic and we didn't win anything at trivia. At least I didn't have to hear my grandma talk about how my grandpa was good at giving head.

Ironically, having the cat annoy me may have made me a bit patient with the traffic jam yesterday. I have ranted on about shitty drivers before. Yesterday I saw something I hadn't seen before. I was baffled by the jackassery I witnessed. The highway was just over 3xs the normal time to travel halfway home so I took my ghetto route. The ghetto route crosses diagonally through the city until it merges with another street. This merger area sometimes gets back up a bit. Yesterday it was backed up quite a bit with miles of congestion so you were crawling along in your car.

It seems that when traffic gets messy, that people decide to let their inner douchebag out more and take every single inch they can with their vehicles. I watched in amazement as cars pulled and stopped in the middle of intersections. They did so because they had a green light at the time. It didn’t matter that they would basically move 5 feet into the intersection and stop, blocking traffic that was trying to cross. Worse yet, cross traffic would pull ahead of these vehicles keeping them trapped in the intersection. It was flat out ridiculous.

With traffic at a crawl I boogied down a side street knowing I could get back on the freeway about a half mile down the road. I am surprised more people were not doing this.

Time to go to work. I am not sure how much I can get done though. I heard on the radio that they have found a Bigfoot corpse! Word is that the DNA evidence will be presented tomorrow along with more pictures. The Fat Guy has the line of the day on this subject:

Looks like he climbed into an unused, unlocked freezer chest and then
couldn’t get out and suffocated. Poor Sasquatch!

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