Friday, August 15, 2008

Nothing on the docket

After a string of busy weekends I am staring at a Saturday and Sunday with nothing planned. No place I have to be, nothing I need to buy booze for, nowhere for me to go. Looks like I am stuck doing some yardwork.

If I hadn't had to take the weedwhacker in for repairs I wouldn't find myself trimming the lawn this weekend. Now it looks like I have a mini jungle in some places. I should also throw the mower in the truck and go take care of my ma's lawn as well. It has been a couple of weeks since I was last there. Thankfully it hasn't rained much so it shouldn't be out of control.

About the only thing I am excited about is the unveiling of more Bigfoot news today! I have myself all set up to be disappointed. I have a feeling this will end up being a spoof. Kinda like the chupacabra footage they have. I have no interest in Texan chupacabra as it isn't the real chupacabra. That is just some kind of dog that likes to eat chicken, not the beast that walks on two legs and has wings in Puerto Rico.

Hmm..can I go Drinking for Jesus this weekend???

1 comment:

J. Gambino said...

DFJ at Our Lady of Lourdes Sat night? I could handle that. Some band called U-ZOO is there.