Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chrome and leather invasion

As sat eating some watermelon last night, I wondered if I could make millions selling a knife to cut watermelon. A knife that may look like a samurai sword, long enough to cut through any size watermelon. Then I did a search and realize they already sell watermelon knives. A good idea gone.

I looked at these knives wondering what made them different. They all look to be 12 inches long with a hefty blade. I am pretty sure the knife I use at home is 12 inches (at least 10) but not as sturdy. Is 12 inches like a maximum knife length?

I am too lazy to Google that.

The chrome and leather invasion is on this week. Thousands and thousands of bikers will converge on Milwaukee for the Harley Davidson 105th birthday celebration. When they did this 15 years ago it was pretty exciting. Riders from all over the country making a trip to Milwaukee for this iconic bike. It sent a chill down your spine to see miles of chrome glistening in the sun as the bikes rode down the highway.

10 years ago was still pretty cool. 5 years was a bit of a dud. Seriously, Elton John? That flop cannot be forgotten. Guess that is why they have Bruce Springsteen and the Foo Fighters performing this weekend.

The parking lot at Miller Park is getting outfitted for the events there. A couple hundred port-o-potties have been set up in the parking lot. The tents are going up at the lakefront. No sign of a stage from the Hoan Bridge vantage point but I would expect that to go up today or tomorrow. Some Harley dealerships will have bands playing, pro wrestling, and other forms of biker debauchery to enjoy. Just about all the bars have a banner hanging from either Miller or Jagermeister welcoming the HOG members to town. It is like Milwaukee will be transformed into one big block party for the next couple of days.

I will be about taking in some of the festivities. I have tickets for the Foo Fighters concert on Friday. If anyone knows about the parking situation I would be happy if you would leave the info in the comments. I'll buy you a beer.


Anonymous said...

The parking situation is this: it's going to suck.
Do I get a beer?

StB said...

Sorry, no beer for generic answers.

Reenner said...

Park up top...by Brady street, not on Brady St. that is for bikes only. And walk over the Brady St. bridge. Now where is my beer?!

StB said...

That is what I was thinking to begin with Reener. I recall doing that years ago for July 4th activities but couldn't recall where there was a bridge. Plus, I figure we could hit up bars there after the show as traffic will suck.

I owe you a beer.