Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It is an excuse

I found myself thinking about this quick entry by Eugene Kane of the Journal Sentinel here in Milwaukee. It mentions two articles I had read pertaining to racism and the upcoming presidential election. The Left is already trotting out excuses that if Obama doesn't win it is because of racism. Not his platform, not his inexperience, not his inability to unite people, not because he hasn't changed a single thing in his whole political career, but because white people won't vote for him.

There may be some truth to this. It appears union workers may not vote for him because of the color of his skin. Those unions that the Democrats keep counting on may not vote for their guy.

But should Obama win, it will be because of racism as well. Many black voters turned out in the primaries to cast a ballot for him and they may turn out and vote for him this fall just because he is black. Or in other words, because McCain is white.

Sounds, smells, and looks like racism to me.

Eugene is right when he says racism will play a part in this election no matter who wins.


Anonymous said...

So, if black people are voting for Obama "just because he's black" does that mean every white person who ever voted for a white candidate did so because of racism. By your rationale, it would seem so. Either that or you think that blacks are too stupid to vote on the basis of any other quality but what color the candidate is, but whites are not afflicted with such stupidity. Smells, sounds, and looks like racism to me.

StB said...

Apparently the argument is above your head. 90% of black voters have stated that they will vote for Obama because he is black with one third of that being the only reason they will vote for him. Thus to argue he will lose an election because of racism is ridiculous when so many people will vote for him because of a racist belief. I guess that line of reasoning- looking at an issue from both side- eludes you.

For the record, you question the intelligence of black voters, not me.

Anonymous said...

Democratic candidates, most of whom are white, have been getting 90% of the black vote for decades. To argue that Obama will get a similar percentage for a totally different reason doesn't make any sense to me.

Furthermore you ignore the fact that the race issue will cut both ways. I honestly cannot believe that you don't realize that many of the states McCain wins (i.e. entire deep south) will be due to deep-seeded racism. To think otherwise is to be oblivious to history.