Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dream dream dream dream

I had some very interesting dreams last night. There were 4 to be exact but I only recall 3 of them. Of course the one I cannot remember is the most bizarre of them all.

I woke up from the first one to hear my alarm go off and stop. At first I thought it was part of my dream but when I looked at the clock radio I noticed it was a power failure. That forced me to get up to reset the clock. At least it was 2:22 which meant I could get 3 hours of sleep.

When I did crawl back into bed my cat decided that it was a good time for me to pet him. I pushed him away and waited for him to calm down and sleep himself. Soon I was back in lullaby land having a dream about renting out my basement to Terrell Owens. He wanted a place to be alone and collect his thoughts. For whatever reason I do recall him owning a humongous toaster that had separate slots and setting for toast and bagels, and had a small deep fryer as well.

My next dream involved some kind of schlock movie scenario. I was in a house with some fox-like beast in the basement. Some women were trapped down there and it was my mission to go and save the two ladies. I was armed with a device that would be able to see in the dark and an AK47. I went down the stairs and found the women bound to a picnic table. There were some small grass huts around and some foxes in a cage. I went to the women and quickly cut the ropes one and the rubber bands on the other. Just as I got the women free and they ran up the stairs to safety, I was cornered by one of the women working for the foxbeast. She pushed me to a hole in the wall that was covered in cardboard and threatened to let the beast eat me. (Why is this beginning to sound like a plot from a porn movie? And if so why didn't I at least get laid in my own dream?). I pushed her away as the beast broke through the cardboard. I ran up the stairs to.. END OF DREAM.

Finally my last dream had me on the set of a remake of the TV series MASH. This was rather boring. Not sure what I was doing there. I also was wondering what I ate that may have led up to 4 strange dreams.


Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

VIVA TO...haha! You should get the Worm as a rooomie like Cuban...haha!

BamBam said...

Always the way with us.... isn't it?

It had to be something I ate!


I also had the remake of MASH dream. That's just weird! Who was your Hotlips? Or is that why it was so boring? Mine was Angelina Jolie.