Thursday, August 21, 2008

More voter fraud? Nooo...really?

Let's get to the meat of the issue. Wisconsin needs to have a voter identification policy in place when people go to cast their ballots. Without one, liberal interest groups will continue to perpetrate fraud in order to get their candidates elected. The headline on the story says it all. MORE workers under scrutiny. We cannot be shocked when they prosecute even more of the workers from two liberal groups.

The debate over showing an ID to authenticate your identity should be over. It is harder to buy cough medicine that to vote. Hell, you are required to answer more questions when buying gas with a credit card than when you vote. Face it. Those who are opposed to showing IDs when voting have something to hide, plain and simple. Their arguments of disenfranchising voters do not hold water. It should concern you when liberals work to protect the dishonest parties instead of us who cast one ballot and one ballot alone.

Speaking of crooked liberal politics, my favorite city crook had the balls to ask for his release from prison. Yep, Michael McGee believes that even though he has been found guilty of bribery and extortion- along with some other crimes- should be released from jail because his bail has been posted for his state crimes. The federal conviction shouldn't apply judge! I gots my bails posted on the state stuff! Let me out to pay my baby's mommas!

Seriously. He is worried that if he doesn't make his child support payments that he will be charged with a felony? Dude, you are already in jail! What else can happen? I would think the court would need to take this into account when reviewing the circumstances of non-payment. If you were serious about making these payment you would contact your bank and have the transfer authorized for each month. Automatic payments are your solution Michael! Oh wait... you were probably using the cash from the bribery schemes to make those payments. Guess that well is now dry.

Back to work. Last two days have been rough. Thursday looks to be more of the same. I shall survive. A bottle of Maker's awaits me at the end of the day.

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